Using FTP to upload a site home page to the server

As a site administrator, you have the priviledge to publish the site home page.

Once you have created a home page and you want to post it on the Cobalt server appliance, you can upload it by following the steps listed below.

Note: Before uploading your home page, make sure its file name is index.html. The uploaded page will appear at http://<your.vanity.domain>/index.html.

  1. Launch your FTP application, wait for the FTP prompt.
  2. Type open <hostname>, press Return or Enter. (<hostname> stands for the site name or IP address of the site that will host your home page).
  3. Type your user name when asked for login name, then press Return or Enter.
  4. Type your password when asked for password, then press Return or Enter.
  5. Type cd /web, press Return or Enter. This takes you to the directory for your site home page.
  6. Type put <path>/index.html, press Return or Enter. This uploads the file.
    (<path> stands for the directory location of your home page file on your local disk, and index.html should be the actual name of the file containing your Home page.)
  7. Type quit, then press Return or Enter. This terminates the file transfer session.
  8. Done!