Toombs County …We're nestled in the heart of Southeast Georgia, where our roots run deep with true southern charm and hospitality. We're known the world over for our famous Vidalia Sweet Onions, but as you read through this page you'll see we have a great deal more to offer.
    In Toombs County you'll end all the amenities of larger metropolitan areas without all the hassles. We have a progressive business community which operates on an international basis, but we still offer a relaxed rural atmosphere. Our schools offer diverse educational programs in an excellent learning environment, yet the school administrators know our children on a first name basis. We're building new homes adjacent to challenging golf courses, but we still have the beautiful architecture of our  historical homes.
    We have a community with citizens who are who are willing to work hard to ensure our continued growth into the twenty-first century, and this commitment and leadership shows! In 1993, Toombs County became only the third county in Georgia to receive the designation as a Governor's All Star Community. However, our accolades don't stop there, Toombs County was also chosen as one of two communities in the state to pilot the Georgia Peach Corporation. Locally called Toombs AmeriCorps, the program is an outgrowth of the federal government's National Community Service Act.
    State and national recognition for Toombs County means a lot to our community leaders, but it's not the recognition they work for, it's the pride in their hometown. That's why all our leaders work together. Whether it's Vidalia, Lyons, or Santa Claus, we all call Toombs County home, and we want our hometown to be the best possible place for our families to live now and for years to come.
    Come and visit us, and you'll see why in Toombs County we don't say, "We hope you'll like it here," but say, "We know you'll love it here,"
  2805 Lyons Highway
Vidalia, Georgia  30474
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